We started our journey with the idea to make tutoring in Toronto effective and affordable and have since saw a growth in several communities across the Greater Toronto Area. Our number one priority is to ensure happy students and happy parents. 

Our Journey

Rose Tutoring is a tutoring company that provides tutoring in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We started with the idea to make tutoring accessible and affordable for local communities within the North Scarborough, Toronto and Markham area. We wanted to provide students with more ways of accessing learning tools and help, whilst being affordable for their hard working parents and guardians. Our drive to start this tutoring service, came from our passion to help develop students into professionals and a recognition of our own talent as a team to achieve this goal. Since then, we have thoroughly enjoyed our tutoring journey and this has been our drive to make Rose Tutoring blossom into what it has become today. 

Rose Tutoring started to grow, so we decided to bring on talented private tutors who are like minded and passionate about providing academic help and tutoring to students through in-home private tutoring and online private tutoring. Our growth resulted from referrals by our existing clients and students who were extremely satisfied with our tutoring service. 

In addition to tutoring and homework help, our private tutors also act as mentors to guide students to navigate through their academic and non-academic growth.

In December of 2018, we recognized the need for supplementary material to be used in our private tutoring sessions for students who were not provided (or insufficiently provided) with study material from school. We designed our first workbook for grade 11 University Physics and has since developed several others. The workbooks are used as a guide throughout the sessions and our private tutors use these workbooks during the sessions. 

Today we operate our own online platform LearnSpeed. Here, our private tutors deliver our tutoring services.

Our Reach

We began by conducting sessions in homes and local libraries in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We mainly held our tutoring sessions in the North East Scarborough area and in the general area of Markham. We have since expanded to areas including: Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Pickering and Stouffville for in home tutoring and the general Greater Toronto Area for online tutoring. We started as a community oriented service and are now seeking to establish our presence in cities and towns across the GTA.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Rose Tutoring has shifted to purely online delivery of tutoring services. Our tutors and students have taken this massive change in good stride thus creating an efficient environment for academic success. Considering the massive change from delivering at home tutoring services to virtual sessions, we have found that students have benefited greatly. We are now able to offer our tutoring services across Ontario which has widened our reach and given us the utmost honor of being a part of many more students’ academic success.

Happy Students

Our tutor is doing a great job and doing a lot to boost my daughter’s confidence


My tutor helped me understand the material and the questions being asked


I really like my sessions with my tutor