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Welcome to Rose Tutoring

Rose Tutoring is a Toronto based online and in-home, private tutoring service. Our team of qualified tutors value delivering academic service in the comfort of your home. We are a non-judgmental, accepting group of tutors geared at enabling students to reach their maximum potential. During this COVID-19 crisis, it is imperative to ensure that our future professionals do not lose track of building their foundations and as such, we now offer online tutoring. Our online learning sessions are just as interactive and effective as our in-home tutoring services.

The Vision

Our vision is to empower students to realize their potential by catering to their unique learning styles outside of a school setting. Along with this, we enable our private tutors to conduct tutoring sessions in home as well as by using online tutoring platforms in various cities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Tutors

We have a team of qualified private tutors who fulfill our vision by delivering excellent academic help, guidance and mentorship to our students and as such, each student has the opportunity to have the best learning experience of private online tutoring and in home tutoring in the Greater Toronto Area.


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Quick Online Tutoring through LearnSpeed

LearnSpeed is a comprehensive space for online sessions, scheduling, records and communication. It facilitates efficient collaboration among students, tutors, parents and administrators within the Rose Tutoring community. Consequently, it will enable Rose Tutoring to further aid our students toward academic success.


Rose Tutoring gives students the opportunity to work at a pace conducive to their learning. Our sessions are fun, interactive, inclusive and engaging. Students are guided through key concepts within their curriculum and are coached prerequisite skills necessary for academic success in their grade. In addition to this, we assist students seeking help improving their grades, meeting a target, catching up on the semester or completing an assignment or homework. In doing this, we ensure that students receive the confidence boost necessary to take control of their own learning.

My grade 11 Physics grade jumped up from an F in the first unit to a final grade of B, I started getting a bunch of As, it was amazing


I lacked confidence in math before taking tutoring at Rose Tutoring. Now, every question seems easy




We evaluate new students to understand their learning styles, levels of understanding and personalities. We use this information to match them to a tutor.


After evaluation, we tutor students at a pace conducive to their learning and comfort. Our tutors are carefully vetted for their background, qualification and experience.


We offer continuous email and phone support to students and parents to ensure a quality tutoring experience.